Monday, February 6, 2012

New Zealand bookmark doubles as a cloth badge

Monday, February 6, 2012
oldbearnews editorI have left active duty with Scouting and am now "officially" well - what we call an "associate".  Among many things - it means that my camp blanket will see little service and will gracefully retire - apart from the fact it is actually already full with badges.  Soooooo - I decided to start on a new blanket and to this end father Christmas was very kind and sent me a nice new woollen dark navy blue blanket!!
Hmmm - what to put on, what to put on indeed?!?!  - hey wait a minute - I got some of the badges of places we have been to during our travels.  That will do.  Ok so I got only a handful. No problem - we can get some more! - Yeah right.

Some of the towns we been to either never had any or have run out long time ago and no longer stock them! What to do, what to do?   AHHHH yes - I could make one just like the Mitre Ten Peak Bookmark and double it as a badge - that will work!!  I can easily do them - just need the time and cash to purchase.
Anyhow after a few days work I got one made for Arrowtown!  Lovely small place just outside Queenstown. Old and Quaint - a former gold mining town.  In autumn the colours are just stunning - everything turns golden / yellow. Just brilliant.
Anyhow without further ado - here is the finished product.
I am thinking of using some yellow braid or so and make a outline of NZ map on the blanket and place/sew all the badges of places we have been to, near approximately to where the actual town would be. 
Then there is room for any overseas places we have been to - already have been given one for Amsterdam (thanks Kes) but my Austrian / Italian / German trips will be more difficult - I am no longer the local Jonny on the spot!!

There are some so many to go and collect . . . . . . .


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