Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Campblanket with New Zealand badges

Tuesday, February 14, 2012
oldbearnews editorRight - so I have this crazy idea! It goes like follows:  most towns in New Zeland have a cloth type badge of their location and I have collected a good number since way back.  Recently I was given a brand new blanket at Christmas - my retirement present from Scouting from Mamabear (there was a big hint there).
Anyhow the plan was to sew these badges on to my new camp blanket (the original already being full with scout badges) - so I have been collecting and been on the look out for more of them. (recently acquired a lot of badges from our last trip to Lake Tekapo and Mount Cook) I had to order some badges in from overseas for places we have been to previously, most notably Europe!  Anyhow - try as one might - you cannot get a badge from the Coromandel area - which is R E A L L Y crazy as it is a very touristy area in New Zealand.

What to do - what to do indeed!

Ding - I know - I make my own!!  On the left is the finished result - not half bad - given I had no pattern to work with.  Well - that's not 100 % exactly true.  I had a picture up on the wall of a place in Shelly's Beach (incidentally that I took during a recent trip there) - just north of Auckland and the pohutukawa flowers came from - well - a pattern - but I placed them in the 'right' place.   I even pinched the cloud idea, I made from one of my earlier Teddy-bear cross stitch'. Even managed to get in the word Coromandel - I was worried there is not enough room on the ribbon for it.
So yeah - I am stoked with this Pohutukawa cross stitch pattern - it turned out ok! 

Now just need to sew it on my camp blanket - along with the other 30 or so badges.

PS - if you know of a place that sells them let me know - I'd love to have an

pss - 19 Feb - late afternoon

I managed to wash a icon image of Tauranga (filched of the net)  through a software program and came up with something that was stitch-able - 
took a while and ended up a tad bigger then visualised - but hey - its better then not having anything at all!!  I was even foolishly enterprising and to start with hand stitched the border - but  run out of hand eye co-ordination and ended up running it through the Singer using the Button-hole sewing function! Not great - but ok-ish.

Wonder if I can do the same with Waiuku and find something that is stitch-able? ? ? ? ?

 bear print

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