Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pohutukawa near Orewa, Auckland, New Zealand

Wednesday, November 9, 2011
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We have this friend who now lives in Waiuku and I have known Dale since Feb 1984. Our children have grown up together - etc etc. Suffice to say when the news came through that she was candidating for ministry - I had it in my mind to make a special stole for her. it just needed the "right" images on it!!
After some playing round with some ideas i have settled on a plain white material with the cross and initials and on the right hand side a image of a NZ Pohutukawa flower in Cross stitch.

Now for the important theos – yes – they are not just pretty pictures
My images these days have multiple layers of meaning – so there is more then one imagery to consider . . . . .
DP - can stand of course for Dale Peach, but could also remind you of David Peach.  It is also derived from the Latin – “Domini Patris” which very loosely translates into “our heavenly father” or more commonly “God the Father”
The empty cross - well you should know all about that by now
The bears – well you know I like them and so they are a reminder of your friends that have walked with you in the last 20 or so years.  Further – Bears are God like creatures – in a sense they give you comfort / you can tell them anything – confidentially, they will always agree with you etc.  What else can you think of ??
The colours – are seasonal church colours – so suitable for all year round wear.
The pohutakawa – it is of course known as the NZ Christmas tree – so hopefully it reminds you of the birth of Christ and the promise to mankind that festival brings– eventually pointing towards Easter. 
The tree itself is regarded by many an invasive weed – it grows best in very poor soil and will find water anywhere. Christian faith is a little like that – it will find a way to grow and nourish itself even in the poorest environment and bring forth some beautiful flowers. 
Of course your FIRST appointment as a minister is in a region that is known for its Christmas trees.
There is more – but I am sure you will work this out in the near – or far future. 

Here - after a 2 hour long service the newly ordained Reverends are marching out.  gotta love the smile to the gallery where the support crew was sitting and filming  . . . . . .
The Five newly installed Ministers.

After we celebrated with our friend and spend some time together we decided to add on a couple of days for r+r, and in theory at least enjoy some warmer weather.  The fact that it was totally unseasonal cold (we left our warm jackets at home and felt that) did not stop us from enjoying ourselves.  First stop was Woodhill Forest  - better known as the location for the Film of Yogi-bear - which we both enjoyed.  No sign of a pick-a-nick(ing) bear present, in fact no signs of any filming activity. We then went on to the local beach - totally deserted for miles and miles.  Mamabear can be seen here to checking the water  temperature.  We also brought home with us the obligatory sand sample - as many of the North Island beaches on the west coast side of things are black - due to the iron and granite from the historic volcanic activities in the islands.

Here is a close up. I am told that the sea was rather "fresh"
As you can see - miles and miles of lonesome black sand and sea.  Lovely!!
Looking in the other direction - still lonesome.  No sign of any human activity let alone of a picnic basket stealing yogi-bear . . . . . .

We had an interesting trip north, getting lost and having lunch in and around near Helensville and Waitoki just simply driving around and exploring.  One of the many places we ended up was called Shelly beach and the trees - well just jaw dropping.  As you can see the tree(s) are loaded with white buds and give another 3-5 weeks and it will be a sea of red. Such a shame that we will miss that. I ended up taking some 20 odd pics of a close up on the sports setting with a 300mm zoom lens on the near new Canon 550D - as the wind kept knocking the buds out of focus and the camera could not keep up with re-focusing.  I ended up with this pic as the best of them - and surprise surprise a honeybee being busy spreading the pollens of the pohutukawa buds.  Anyhow - this gives a good idea of what the red flower looks like before fully blossoming and giving the trees the "white" pre christmas look.

 Some flowers were out already!!

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