Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rocket stove

Saturday, October 8, 2011
oldbearnews editor Ah yes - I made a rocket stove,  after someone mentioned a Jiko stove for efficient cooking ---->   jiko stove

Well one search led to another and before you knew it - I was hooked

rocketstove rocketstove

 Here is my first model - hmmm actually it is the second - the first model was a crappy quicky --just to prove to myself I had the know how and tools to make it happen.  This "first" proper working model is made from old soup tin's.  It is amazing how little wood it uses and how hot it gets for cooking.  The saving of the Forrest principle was a major selling point in making this - as is the fact that maybe one day I may make one with the Scouts for them to use!!
I didn't leave enough of a air-gap so it still smokes at the entry point.  Other then that it worked brilliantly.  I then got the firebricks to make a bigger more permanent model - just in case and also just for fun!!  I will let you know later how it worked out!!
Boiling 3 liters of water!  Tea time!!

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