Friday, October 28, 2011

All Blacks Silverfern on the car perhaps?

Friday, October 28, 2011
oldbearnews editorYuss - the AB's won the rugby world cup 2011- after some 24 years winning it back in 1987 for the first time- oddly enough while we where out of the country (in France) at the time.  Just like last time we played against France - who many felt were lucky to be in the final - but gave a good account of themselves and made for a real cliffhanger final.  End-story - the All Blacks won the match!! yusssss - I am so happy  :)

New Zealand was the host country and to our credit, the Country got right behind the teams and the competition and I have never seen so many flags been flown on cars.. That got me thinking that I can go one better! I did put up two banners in the windows in the house - quite good really at night - the light comes through the fern and shines - brightly - just like a silver fern is s'posed to be and do!! Anyhow to cut a long story short - I wanted to have a image like this on the rear window of my car.  After all - I have seen some glass doors in the Mall's where you can see from one side a perfect image but because they have zillions of tiny circles stamped / cut out - you can actually see through from the other side.  It is just the case of finding someone who can make me one for my rear car screen.  And this is where we are going to bumm out - on two fronts!
Firstly - the "projected cost would be well over NZ $250  A N D  (very sadly) more importantly -- our Government has these regulations that allow your vehicle on the road and it seems that private cars are not allowed to have their windows tinted - or sticker-ed with any signage!!  Major bummer all round!!   Sighs

Thought I toss this in - these are the newly minted Stamps . . . . .    should we post something to some folks in England / France / Australia?????  hmmmm they may not get the joke . . . .

Check this out ---->

Modifications not requiring LVV Certification

Use the following list as a guide to identify modifications that individually are considered to not adversely affect the safety performance of a vehicle, provided they meet the WOF safety criteria:
  1. Branded wheels and tyres of a different size, provided:
    1. they do not project beyond the line of the original mudguard, and
    2. they lie within 25mm of the manufacturer's track width, and
    3. the tyre/wheel rolling radius is unchanged
  2. Changed road springs and shock absorbers that are direct substitutes for the originals, being mounted in the same way without lowering or raising the vehicle
  3. Suspension bushes that are direct substitutes for the originals
  4. Any modifications to the original engine model and type for the purpose of increasing its power by no more than 20%
  5. After-market steering wheels (not where airbags were originally fitted) providing they do not increase the risk of injury to the vehicle occupants
  6. Additional or changed instruments and accessories that are either directly ahead of the steering wheel or do not intrude into an area where they could add or cause injury to a vehicle occupant in a collision
  7. Cosmetic changes to the bodywork that are secure and do not reduce driver field of view or increase the risk of injury to pedestrians
  8. Glazing - refer to the diagram for examples of aftermarket window tinting by the application of overlays permitted on a variety of common light vehicles.

Diagram key

Glazing diagram

Visible Light Transmittance (VLT)

  • Glazing marked a is required to have an overall VLT of no less than 70%. Overlays are not permitted
  • Glazing marked b is permitted to have overlays applied providing the overall VLT is not reduced below 35%
  • Glazing marked c is permitted to have overlays of any level of tint, including advertising overlays


  • The overall VLT of the glazing is important, not the colour
  • Class MA vehicles are not permitted to have glazing with an overall VLT of less than 35%. If there is glazing with an overlay behind the driver's seat, there must be an external rear view mirror fitted on each side of the vehicle
  • or vehicles of classes other than MA, but including stretched limousines and body transfer vehicles, any glazing to the rear of the driver's seat may have a VLT of any level providing the vehicle has an external rear view mirror fitted

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