Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Annual Westcoast recon trip part 3

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
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A watched kettle never boils - or in this case a soup. this was a truly community affair.  Sir G.H. kindly donated from his estate a freshly harvested / gluten free bio fresh GE free fruits of his labors from his gardens. Further he went hunting and eventually freed a bird for this meals contributions.  Myself I boiled two chicken carcasses until there was almost nuthin' left of the stock and this all contributed to a extremely flavor-some duck suey - no wait - Duck soup!! So between the tramping / fresh air and flavors added - suffice to say we polished the lot- nothing left. ^^

This friendly local decided to join us for a meal. As you can see he wasn't fussed about table manners and very happily ate from the floor.  At one stage he was even on top of my boot - checking out his wondering meal!!  In the end he didn't much around and got stuck into his meal too.

LOL this reminded us of a cemetery - here lies at rest . . . .    ok a good meal!!  Besides - they needed a good airing and what better way . . . . .

At the end of the tramp we bought some pizza and took back to camp base and then enjoyed a lovely meal complete with a drink.
I wonder if I should copy and paste some of the emails insetting up the shared enjoyment ? ?   MAYBE not (what happens at camp stays at camp - right ^^ ) however suffice to say that a sassy sprightly Italian lass joined a Kiwi rough and ready DIY guy for company! Something along those lines.  It was nice to relax afterwards - even though we all rushed to our cellphones and rung back Christchurch - who we found out had another aftershock - a decent 5.3 mag that rattled the city, cutting out water and power in parts of the city.  Word today is that only a handful of buildings suffered additional damage and one place had to be torn down in a hurry as it was leaning out over the street.

Yess   :)   go on camp and you never know who you meet.  Seems these two got very friendly.  Vinnie being the navigator had a grand view!!  Does that make them officially a pair ? ? ?   Who knows - but they keep meeting in the most unlikely places . . . .   Wonder if I need to have a serious father to son conversation with him!?!?!?!

Daybreak on Sunday - and yes typical westcoast scenery - moody and heavy with moisture hanging around everywhere.  It is a misnomer - we should rename our West-coast to WET-coast!! It rained all the way back home!!

On the return trip we stopped at Arthur's Pass (in the aptly named avalanche shelter) for lunch - which originally was s'posed to be a light sandwich with healthy fillings - like Salmon and Salads complete with Camembert cheese - this changed to Fruitcake only (the one we forget to flambeed and eat last night) only to lay out a meal fit for a starving army. We more or less ate all the left overs in a hand to mouth action - no ceremony here - also no dishes!! Except for the coffee / tea or milo drinks.

Now that we have this trip behind us we just need to sort out our accommodation on the Coast and get transport sorted.  Sadly the City council 10 seater minivans / buses will not be available to get the kids across - so need to be creative in this department.

Oh and one funny thing happened - we split up - Sir G.H. and myself continued on the track, while Stitch and Brush returned to the original entry point - mainly for them to go back check us out with DOC and for us to suss out the rest of the track conditions (which where marginally worse from  here on in). Anyway short story cut  long - at the end point we came across this wedding party who went on location location location for some outdoor pictures.  So imagine the scene - them in their finest livery - all dressed up - best man and flower girls present and a couple of page boys and us rough and smelly tumble characters emerging from the bush and behind them- complete with staves and well - ^^  you know !!  Before the groom realized what was happening, we said - in a loud as poss voice - " We are the local bushman and have a prior right to the Bride - so  have come to kidnapp the lass and take her back to our Liar in the bush"  The Bride was a bit of a goer and said "whohoooooo", hubby well he didn't look to happy about this!!  I am sure  he thought this was somewhere between a joke or a serious matter.  Anyhow we gave her one of our staves and said this is a man beater - or a-round-to-it!!  Funny thing - we ended up in a couple of wedding photos! ^^  A memorable day all round I am sure

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