Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Secret Santa visit on a secret location with a Secret present

Wednesday, December 29, 2010
oldbearnews editor
Hmmmm we had this BBQ planned and we decided that a secret Santa  should visit.  Seems Santa has been, but we are not sure if he has delivered - or indeed collected.  Worrisome is the fact that there is no bag on his shoulders!!
I must have some words with one of his chief elf's about the legal ramifications of breaking and entering!!

Anyhow we agreed to meet at Sir G.H.'s place for the meal.  This time he managed to inform his lady of the expected visitors and all was well.
 You can't mess with a bears food - and if you do so, you do this at your own peril.  Suffice to say we had a fun time and managed to cook everything to  near perfection.  Traditionally this means sausages overcooked (near black) and the fresh meat semi rare.  We did improve on that!!  This was helped by a Johnny-come-lately who paid his penance with some fresh mushrooms - which we we duly fried  up with some butter and garlic - oh yumm!!

The Garlic Bread - Home made!!  yummy and tasty and crusty and - in short supply!!  :0    It went like hotcakes!!
Hmmm must get the recipe from the chef!!
Maybe even put it on my garlic bread critique blog ? ? ?
Now there is a thought!!
 Yes, the Secret Santa managed to get the goodies into his bag and dropped it of at our secret location!! I must say, he did well given that only the members of the sss-society know this secret location.
The way this works is that everyone who agrees to participate gets a present (for a pre-agreed maximum sum of $$'s - say $5 each) and wraps this up and puts it into the sack! Then later when everything is said and done and ready, you get given a "potluck"  present.

Not sure about this - seems a certain member of our sss is after my job as chief spoon/stirrer/ladle.  Or was it a hint for some more gardening work???  Anyhow - it was all very nice and relaxing.  We even managed to get our "held in captive" (courtesy of her majesties hospitality) member woken up via a secret cellphone convo and wished her collectively a Merry Christmas!!
Smilie - we hope to see you sometime again!!
Today two of our members are of to the jamboree - weather forecast for next day is ok - then rain for 2 days - oh what fun!! 

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