Friday, October 8, 2010

schocking news from the local supermarket

Friday, October 8, 2010
oldbearnews editor There are times I wonder about the sanity - mine and that of mamabear.

Picture this:

We are in the supermarket and and on the lookout for a replacement of air freshner.  Our usual brand was sold out and there was a limited choice in other spray type air fresheners.
So here is us standing there, looking at the  various sprays etc and a elderly woman next to us had obviously the same idea and need.

So Mamabear looks at the label and says in a deliberate clearly audible voice - "rain-forest and Jungle splash - you could wear your Tarzan costume" - then looking at the next bottle - saying "Ocean mist - for that you have to wear your swim-suit" and then the last one - which was commented on as "Lavender and mountain fresh - you would need to wear your yodeling outfit"!!  "Which is it going to be dear??"

Hmmm tough choices.  By that stage we got a very strange look from our other shopper and so, cool as a customer I say " The rain-forest - I get to wear my loin cloth for a change again!"

hehehehe - said shopper walked away in disgust - such fun  :)

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