Friday, October 1, 2010

Harley Davidson repair shop in Christchurch

Friday, October 1, 2010
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So I had to go into town and pick something up when I spotted this shop.  Haven't see this before - but then I don't often go into this part of town. Naturally I had to think of my dear brother-in-law (who shall remain nameless) who is a self confessed Harely nut, and I just had to take a picture for him --  of this lovely Harley Davidson repair shop in Christchurch!!!

personal service has a new meaning here

Only question is - would you trust the service??
Would you trust the quality of the repairs?
I am sure they are well and above board and all - but (oops bad pun) it is an interesting way to advertise ones service . . . . .
And of course - which is more attractive - sexy even - the girl or the bike???

Leave this for you to decide

I am almost tempted to buy a Harley Davidson . . . . .

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Hmmmmm just realized you could read this in a different way too- ah well - to late

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Mabel Margaret said...

Good post on Harley automobile repair shop!

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unus ursus said...

Thanks Mabel!

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