Friday, September 10, 2010

Large earthquake in New Zealand

Friday, September 10, 2010
oldbearnews editor It is funny how things work.  As a result of the Earthquake we have a few doors that are now - urm sticky as we call it.
Basically they are out of alignment and so shut with some difficulty.
They need a "hobel" or be sanded back in some places. Sighs - more work to be done at some stage.

The kennel door on the other hand had always been difficult to shut properly, mainly because I am a crap builder and niceties didn't come into it.  The door always was out of alignment.  It was one of these jobs I was meant to fix when I get around to it.
NOW  it shuts perfectly smoothly!!
Go that earthquake - thanks for lending a hand!!

Meant to say this earlier
After the initial large shake and the after shock that knocked power out - we all congregated on our drives and roads - checking in with neighbours and making sure everyone was ok and there was no property damage - as well as trying to avoid being hit by possible collapsing houses.  Of course - with no power so there was no lights and the cloudless night became extra special to see - the stars where just amazing - sparkling away. A timely reminder that amidst fear and destruction there is rich beauty of God's tapestry that can and does hold us in total awe.
Anyhow - here is us standing on the drives and yakking away to folks when the guy who delivers our daily news paper came past and expertly delivered the daily quota.  Normally he comes in the early wee hours and his is a lonely drive through the suburbs - however on this day (and I suggest it will be his only time) he had a gallery of people cheering him on, giving thumbs up sighs and clapping for the fact that THE PRESS always gets through. I wonder if he knew what had gone wrong at that point - if he knew why we all were standing outside in our pj's??  Not that I actually then read much of this days delivery - we were rather busy with other things.
In a way - the fact we could see the sparkling stars (and felt re-assured that the world is still standing) and got THE PRESS delivered - it showed that life does carry on and we just have to get on and make the best out of a bad situation.
It (if you pardon the expression) jolted us  back to reality and normality.
After all - there was a important rugby match to be played in England (yep the Black Ferns won!!)

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