Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If you want to know where the earth shook in Christchurch - part two

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
oldbearnews editorYes - ok - so I have a morbid sense  of humor as well as a statistical bend!  I keep some statistical data relating to various games (rugby) and sports teams as well as other interests!
From the Geonet site you can download a file and extract some very interesting facts.  Here are some of the juicer bits . . . . .

From Sat 4 Sep 4.30 am to Tuesday 21 Sep 1.36 pm the following took place:

A total of 830 aftershocks at magnitude 2.5 or higher were recorded.

In the first full three hours since the big one struck on Saturday at 4.30 am, there was a total of 23 aftershocks recorded - thats one at almost every 8 minutes (on average) apart.

No aftershock of magnitude 6 or larger has been recorded (thank God for small mercies)
There were 10 aftershocks of size 5.0 or larger (up to 5.9)
There were 104 aftershocks of size 4.0 or larger (up to 4.9)
There were 480 aftershocks of size 3.0 or larger (up to 3.9)
There were 235 aftershocks of size 2.5 or larger  (up to 2.9)

Some of the smaller ones were at a very low depth and if you were close enough you could feel them as long as you stood / sat still.

One shake has been recorded at a depth of 83km, the next "lowest" depth was 50km, the next 29km and after that it gets interesting.
581 have been recorded at a depth no lower then 10km with a walloping 316 recorded at 5km depth exactly.
18 shakes were no lower then 1 km down

The "new" fault-line has not moved for some 16000 years (wish it had stayed like that for another several hundred years) or was that meant to be 1600 years??  We have trees growing in NZ that are older then that - some of our mighty Kauris can grow beyond 2000 years!  [confirmed as last ruptured 16.000 years ago - bugger - it had to do it now!]

Our City council has been reported as stating that near enough of 15000 chimneys have either fallen down completely or needed removing.  With a larger number of houses no longer using open or enclosed fires - that would be a estimated 10% (or larger) of all homes within Christchurch as having been affected!

Since 1848 there have been a total of 14 earthquakes at magnitude 7 or larger with 4 of them doing major damage to our cities ( - Napier in particular - it had the largest loss of life recorded  M 7.8, Hawke's Bay, February 3 1931)
The largest ever recorded earthquake (since European colonization began) in New Zealand stands at M 8.2, Wairarapa, January 23 1855

The Main alpine fault is due to rupture (statistically speaking) within the next 70 years - PERSONALLY - I think it should wait for at least 40 years- as I be either dead by then or so old I wont care much for it :P 
When it does rupture it will be at a magnitude of 8.0 or larger - most likely around 8.5 - and no doubt it will do some serious damage around Canterbury!


Hmmm on that note - no sense in hanging round and waiting for it.
I better go now - and enjoy the rest of my life . . .

Hang tough Canterbury

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