Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Earthquake Christchurch New Zealand

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
oldbearnews editor some footage - courtesy of the net and some enterprising folks

then there is this

and this

and some pic's to see quake photos/

hmmmm I need a song to cheer me up -
how 'bout a song from
Elvis - "All shook up"??
or - Beach boys - "Good Vibrations"
or - Elvis again - "Shake, rattle and roll"
or - Phoebe Snow - "I am standing on shakey ground"
or - Carole King - "I feel the earth move under my feet"

Choices, choices - hmmmmmm eeny meeny miny mo . . . . . .
Wait - what other songs would fit in with this theme? ? ? ? ?

(Then -- next day)

Found some other appropriate songs
or - Led Zeppelin - "How bout Rock and Roll"
or - "Shaky Leaf" - but cant remember who sings it?!
or - Michael Jackson - "You rock my world"
or - Grease soundtrack - "Rock and Roll is here to stay"
or - Abba - "If it wasn't for the nights"
or - Andy Kim - "Rock me gently"
or - Eddy Arnold - "Tumbling Tumbleweed"
or - Bill Haley - "Rock around the clock"
or - hehehe Bill again - "The saints rock and roll"
or - Billy Joel - "It's still rock and roll to me"
or - Queen - "We will Rock You"
or - Brenda Lee - "My whole world is falling down"
or - Brenda again - "Rock on baby"
or - Danny and the juniors - "Rock and roll is here to stay"
or - David Essex - "Rock on"
or - Dean Martin - "Memories are made from this" (hmmm not sure about that one)
or - Donna Summer - "I don't want to get hurt"
or - Duanne Eddy - ""Some kinda earthquake"
or - Elvis Presely - "Rubberneckin" (sadly that happened a lot)
or - Elvis again - "Rip it up"
or - Gregory Abbot - "Shake you down"
or - Jerry Lee Lewis - "Whole lotta shaking going on"
or - Kitty Kallen - "It could happen to you"
or - The Ivy League - "Tossing and turning" (at night wondering when the next shake comes)
or - who sings this --> "I love to rock and Roll"
or -

Shaken Papabear

ps here is a timelaps graphic an enterprising student has put together - it makes me fearful JUST watching that!!

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