Friday, September 10, 2010

7.1 Earthquake in New Zealand Christchurch

Friday, September 10, 2010
oldbearnews editor

Astute readers will notice this covers the period from Sat 4.35 am through till Wed 7.49am. Naturally there have been more aftershocks since then and we are running a Quake Bingo competition on Facebook on the final total by this Sunday. Still it is a bit unnerving!!!

I have to say - everyone is getting tired of being shaken.  Restful sleep is a rare commodity.
On the other hand - because we had lost our water supply and needed to boil everything - Mamabear and everyone else had to have a sponge-bath (remember those?).  ^^   
So here she is in all her glory and I sneak up behind her - wrap my big soft fur paws around her urm - well u know and softly whisper into her ear -
"uhu - Darling - shall we make the earth urm, u know, move right now???"

The Reply was unequivocally straightforward --
"no! - No  NO   N O    NOOO   NOOOOOOOO"

So the shake has impacted in an other area as well



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