Saturday, September 4, 2010

7.1 earthquake in Christchurch nz

Saturday, September 4, 2010
oldbearnews editor ok - a sunny day dawned and all sort of seems ok
Clean up mode
Get clean water - add 3 tablespoon of bleach into 20 liters of water.
Check food supplies
check batteries
check house
check nerves - NERVES????  eeeek

hmmm how to wash when u have little or no water and no power

One thing though - I need to get a little camp gas cooker and store that away for future use.

See - NOTHING can stop a wedding in NZ - not even a 7.1 earthquake.  

 The water slopped out during the shake - lost a third of it from the tank - very lucky though as the table clearly did not survive the shaking - its leg standing at a very peculiar angle - thats a write off

 part of the mess

righto - I shall try and get some sleep and then maybe tomorrow load a couple of pics from the outside of our house

Be good

 bear print

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Anonymous said...

How scary, well good to read you are all okay!
Hugs Radar

oldbear's trip said...

yeah thanks - it is scary
at least we had no loss of life - yet.
amazingly many buildings still standing - WE are SOOOOO lucky!!

Anonymous said...

glad everythings ok down there!

Anonymous said...

2 songs spring to mind:

"I am standing on shakey ground" by Phoebe Snow


"I feel the earth move under my feet" by Carole King


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