Thursday, June 17, 2010

old bear celebrates ^^

Thursday, June 17, 2010
oldbearnews editorok - I took my son for a drive up-country and as is typical we came across a stau - NZ style. The local farmer was transferring his flock and that caused some traffic jams. Once all gone - it was plain sailing!!

In the hurly burly of scouting and camping and other things - we went out for a meal - I did forget one most important tradition. Ah well - this was rectified this evening.

This bears family has always bought one bottle of wine in the year the offspring was created and buried it about a foot deep (the bottle - not the offspring!!). To be sure - some have moved and forgotten the bottle - but not us - we have stayed here since ever - and today - today was the day. In near darkness I went outside and broke a shovel and continued with bear hands - much to the delight of our Beagle!!! One rescued bottle of genuine Austrian (Oggau to be precise) Pinot Blanco later.....

See, it is tradition to drink the a vintage bottle from your birth-year when you turn 21 - or as some do it, when you get married!! Anywooo - it was still lovely and we ended up skype-ing with Oma who enjoyed the video call!!

hmmmmmm yep this is a bit of a drop - maybe just past its best by use day - but still very enjoyable.

The birthday boy - seems this is the only time I am allowed to publish a photo of him!!

He only had half a glass - honest . . . ^^

Prost Son - on your happy 21 b-day and many returns!!

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