Thursday, June 10, 2010

Annual Westcoast Camp - Denniston Incline part three

Thursday, June 10, 2010
oldbearnews editorThey say a watched kettle never boils - but I dunno - this one did its job just nicely and as a result we had a nice hot cuppa (Milo for me and Tea/coffee for the other gents)
See the steam rising??? Oddly enough (can't think why) the boys where not overly impressed when we suggested to them, to use the hot water to wash their dishes ^^

LUNCH - a time honored tradition - lunch on the run - while we could have eaten inside the "Friends of the Hill" Museum - it was an unusually sunny day for Denniston and we decided to make the most of what little sun we saw - ergo cooking and eating outside.
Lunch must have been good as this is/was the only time the boys stopped chattering . . . .

The endless Rope Road - from Coalbrookdale mine via Burnetts Face to the Binns on top of the Denniston Incline. One can walk along it now peacefully - but in it's heyday there was a wagon every minute or so and with the houses being literally only meters away from the rope way - it was a tricky business living there. Many a small kid got killed due to a moments carelessness. The only danger to ourselves was for tall people - and one of us collected a scar when he failed to stoop down low enough . . . . Must have something to do with being a Sir . . . (working in the lofty heights of his own peers:P ?? )

Gathering the driftwood for our Campfire. One of the many pleasures on our trip is that we still can have these scouting traditions on the westcoast. Here in Canterbury we suffer from Fire restrictions almost year round. Given the amount of rain overnight and the storm we had - I checked next day the place and the sea had washed it nice and clean - not a single trace of a Campfire ever having taken place!! The funny thing was - we had just lit the fire and we heard the siren going for the local fire fighting crew!!! We were having kittens that they would show up here and urm - well - give us a hard time urm - and present us with a rather large call out fee to be paid!! Thankfully the call out was for another area (maybe a flooded house??)

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