Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Annual Westcoast Camp - Denniston Incline part two

Wednesday, June 9, 2010
oldbearnews editorurm - ok - so this is where we are going - up on the hill?? Yeah - up there. We had a lucky break in the weather and could see the incline from the graveyard as clear as!! Binoculars helped, but of course you could see it with the naked eye!

Before we drove up the the Denniston Incline itself, we stopped at Conns creek and had a look from there. The bush has grown a bit since I was there last - however the track itself is still as current as can be and yes one can walk up so far the Incline - until you get to the river and the broken bridge. Looking sideways one can spot the odd rusty steel - eg - wagons who had left the rails during an accident and were just left there to rot!!

An old photo at the display stand shows the bottom end with the curve at Conns Creek

The Incline itself

So here we are right at the top of the Denniston Incline - looking down towards Middle Brake and Conns creek at the bottom of the valley. Pretty steep huh??!! M A Y B E one day the people might feel adventurous and rebuild the Denniston Incline and give our valued overseas tourists a thrill ride they sure will never ever forget in a hurry. Hmmmm wouldn't mind riding it myself . . . .

Near the Binns - where the coal wagons were loaded and hooked up just before they descended down the Denniston Incline

They went from there and came this way, then went down that way (urm _ I think thats what he said) either that or he impersonated a traffic officer ^^

The Navigator - he kept a certain Mr Brush company during the long drive over to the Westcoast. Brush was a teeny weeny upset when Vinnie decided to sleep in one morning and missed his duties, so we made sure he got woken up in time for his map reading skills.
The daily wakeup call started with a good old classic - "reville"!!

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