Monday, May 24, 2010

On a rainy day in Christchurch a bear is 'sposed to do - what????

Monday, May 24, 2010
oldbearnews editor car in rain
It rained so hard for a while that there was this mist on top of the car!!
I grabbed my camera and stuffed round with some time / aperture settings. I am quite pleased with this shot!!

OK - so it rains from time to time - except today we had a heavy weather warning for the whole country - with some parts expecting up to 250 or 300mml of rain inside 24 hours - now thats a lot.
So what is a old bear supposed to do on his day of and being more or less confined to the inside??
HOME alone too ( I have to point out ^^ )
He sews - took me most of the day - but I finally got most of the badges sewn on my scout blanket, newest additions are seen in this picture!! Who can recognize their traded badges??

bear print

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Gabriela said...

a little rainny? is not so bad!


oldbear's trip said...

sure - check this out - some parts of nz are lots worse of then us!!

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