Friday, May 14, 2010

Indian Summer in NZ

Friday, May 14, 2010

We are having what can only be described as a absolutely gorgeous Indian Summer. Folks if this is what global warming will do to my local climate - bring it on!! Anywooo I have been going through town and country and snapped some lovely autumn pics of our very Godzone place right here down under.
I hope you enjoy the variety and composition of Father Natures color scheme as much as I did when I took these pics!! One should stop and thank the creator for having such a wonderful rich palette to work with. The bulk of the photos are on my facebook page and in total I snapped just over 300!!

Such rich tapestry!! I am very much reminded of Eva Cassidy's song - "How can I keep from singing"
hmmmm or Louis Armstrong's version of "What a wonderful world"

Love the contrast, and vibrancy of these colours!!

In Hagley Park, Christchurch with the Avon river meandering along. This is ONE tree - displaying plenty of colour!!

Thank goodness I had my telephoto lens with me - a quick change - snap, snap -- and I had to drive on!

Can't wait till 90% of the leaves are on the ground! I will need the right lighting conditions and of course convince Mamabear to be a hot little number, walking on the path!!

Most amazing - here we are in may and these are the famous Cherry trees lining Harper Ave in Christchurch - in autumn time - the amazing thing is at last August I snapped them being in full spring bloom - eg white blossoms. And you know - urm we are only some 2.5 months away from seeing them again in full spring glory. I should drop in last springs pictures in here to let you compare!!!

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