Monday, April 19, 2010

Annual Westcoast recon trip for scouts

Monday, April 19, 2010
As any good scout knows - a good scout is always prepared. For us oldies that just means an excuse to get away and do some research. So the four of us "young boys" headed of into our lovely Westcoast and researched the localities!
I can tell you that there are some fantastic places - scenery, as well as food places - not to mention local wild life (and that includes the birds [of the feathered variety]). Anyhow - we tripsed around Denniston, walked the Cable road into Burnett's face and some other interesting places.
We bunked down at this local eco-friendly backpackers place ( ) - they are totally of the national grid and rain reliant for water. Most interesting was their composting - it involved the long drop. Must have been the first ever long drop I saw that was one floor up and tiled in, as well as painted walls and it was very nicely decorated. As it was outdoors - I did not feel like lingering to long in the fresh air - despite the dozen or so magazines being present to read.
Anyhow - to cut a long story short-ish - the four of us had a fab time even with a certain Mr Schick's absence. We kinda drunk to that.

So this coming QEII Weekend in NZ we are taking some 10 or so Scouts across on our annual Adventure!! This should be a fun trip again!! On the way to return home we will most likely stop at Barrytown and check out the knife making of Steve and Robyn's place!

Coal train - Denniston
burnett's face Walk way
pink ditty bag
The outdoor Toilet and shower block of the eco lodge

eco lodge kitchen
near cave creek some watery reflections
mirror image

al fresco dining


al fresco dining 2

bear print

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