Thursday, March 4, 2010

How an English man invaded New Zealand with the help of some Beach Boys

Thursday, March 4, 2010
LOL - ok - apologies to those who googled "the beach boys" and came here.
These beach boys are a group of scouts who were supposed to have learned windsurfing, alas the wind and tide were against that - so they ended up having a lesson in basic surfing. Here they can be seen learning how to balance on top of the board . . . . .

Having successfully managed to stay on top (yep on the sand) it was of in search for some decent surf. The waves were about half to a full meter at times - just perfect, just perfect.
Now you will notice the big boy with his supersized surfboard, but I am assured this has nothing to do with that image of boys and size of - urm - cars in relationship to . . . . . . ok surfing along here - I think this could be called a longboard - but don't quote me on that.

After a while it was into the water and go for it. I saw three youth only to actually make it into some sort of stand up position on the board, most of them happy to just boogie along. Must be hard going to stand up.

Well - ok - I take a poetic license here and say that this man - this tall man from old England (some call him "Sir g.h.) had plenty of true grit, determination, effort, lack of skill, and PURE joy in surfing in, on the wave and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Good stuff

Hmmmmm what other emotion can we glee from his face? ? ? ? ?
And do the Aussies need to worry that he will win the world surfing championship?? Maybe - who knows . . .
He could be our "secret" weapon . . . .

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