Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Silver anniversary for a naked bear

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
bride and groomWohoooo, my family actually got this organized - they invited some friends and part of the original Wedding party to help celebrate our Silver Anniversary - eg 25 Years since we got married. Dunno how Mamabear managed to put up with me for that long??? Anyhow apart from the lack of hair and urm - well some goodly developed hunger protection (also called Love handles) we have not changed much since this pic was taken!! Yeah right! :P

We ended up at this restaurant and had a set menu - lovely meal and company!

People who were present were:
Best man (at the wedding)
Some members of the (secret) squirrel club
Mamabear's youth leader and his mum who taught her at Sunday school
The parents of the next door neighbors (who's then cute wee girl was the flower girl, and could not make the event)
The mother and her partner of my two honorary daughters (now there is a story to be told :P )
oh and of course the rest of my family.

Meanwhile - today is another hot hot hot sunny day and seeing it was my last day on annual leave i thought about going to the beach!! Seeing that today IS the actual day - so maybe not - but rather stay at home and cook a special meal for us later . . . . followed by a glass of grape juice . . . . . ^^ :)

me in the nuddy sunbathingThis was me during our recent trip up north!! The beaches were fantastic, and I am only sorry we missed the flowering season for the pohutakawa trees! I so wish I could go back there. Maybe next year.
Notice the cool shades, for protection . . . .

bear print

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