Saturday, February 6, 2010

From Auckland to the Coromandel

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Having been bedded and slept well we decided to head into the big smoke and see some of the lovely sights - first up was Kelly Tarlton's. A boys dream world if you are seriously into fish and tanks.

First up is the penguin enclosure and just to give you an idea on the cold - see if you can keep your hand in this antarctic cooled water tank - yes folks it was about plus 2 degrees cold - as close as poss to freezing and yes - mamabear made the 30 sec. then threatening to warm her hands on my neck. BRRRRRR

Here are the little critters enjoying their enclosure. Amazing to see them 'fly' under the water, very agile!!!

Urm - and somewhat smelly too . . .

the stingrayNext came the feeding of the stingrays. This young and very thin but shapely lady in a wetsuit was rigged up with a lapel mic and gave a running commentary on the habitats and whats what with the rays - all the while feeding them and having to watch her footing. They sure are amazing creatures!!

Jaws as u never have seen him beforeNext up was the predator tunnel = and hey - it WAS a tunnel. There is this 3 inch thick polycarbon something rather plastic that is shaped and provides a clear viewing of the tank. The sand was at my chest height - and the tank over the top of that = allowing for a 180 degree view - and amazing it was to see these extremely efficient lean mean eating fish to literally cruise in the current - and showing no care in the world!!

We where lucky and saw the resident Octopus being fed, as well as some monster crayfish (which looked more like something out of a horror movie). The octopus changed his color - so that was cool to see.

One of mamabear's favorite 'the seahorse'- although I suspect it has something to do with the fact that the MALES carry the offspring and give birth!!!

The view across Mission Bay towards the sky tower. It was Waitangi Day - New Zealand's national day - and unbeknown to us they had a huge event in Mission bay happening. So we ended up making a detour - as the street was blocked of for traffic. Almost got lost but with the help of one of the marshals found our way to Kelly's place ok - and then of course back the same way!!

We decided after the inspiration of the salt water tanks that it was time for lunch and I seemed to remember a good place at Victoria market - which ended up a disappointment. It looked as though it has had its day and was a bit run down. Still it was welcome to sit down in the shade and eat a sandwich and have a drink. From there - yep u guessed it - we walked towards the sky tower.
Oh yeah - everywhere you sat - we saw signs saying "do not feed the birds" and when a guest leaves its half eaten dinner on the table and the staff a slack in collecting - what do you get - a FREE meal for the feathered wildlife!! These guys enjoyed the spaghetti with tomato sauce . . . . . . .

Hmm tea is up will need to finish this later . . . .. .

Nice dinner - and the apple/apricot pie - yummmm
just found this on the web - didn't know it was a new thing - scary stuff though

bear print

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