Friday, January 1, 2010

Sylvester / New Years celebrations 2009

Friday, January 1, 2010
Christmas Santa Claus Bear

You have to have some humor. Some of our traditions are that we always watch 'dinner for one'. Then at midnight there is the "Bummerl" from Vienna, followed by the Traditional "Blue Danube" Waltz - from one of the Strauss Composers. - of course having lived on the other side of the world one does not get to hear that to often - and last year we were in good old Austria and had some huge fun stomping round in the cold and seeing the fireworks and crackers and rockets and - yeah dinner for one! pity = cause we where in town (in Salzburg) we did not get to waltz in the snow ( we should have been in Vienna - or take a ghetto blaster with us).
This year - well - Mamabear managed to find 'dinner for one' on google and yeah!!
Good old Telecom stuffed our Broadband data allowance up and gave us a double quantity as a make up present (hehehe 20 gig's of data) - so naturally one has to make use of that and listen to live stream of ORF3 (and Bayern3!!)!! Wohoooooooo
anyhow below is a the clip!! - Enjoy and don't wet yourself laughing!! It is a longtime classic and we loved favorite of ours - and yeah the TV in Austria plays it EVERY year since EVER!! <--------- for more info :D

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