Thursday, January 7, 2010

Akaroa Tour guide

Thursday, January 7, 2010
One of the pleasures in life - or should that be in scouting?? is that one does meet a lot of new people. So picture this -
Last joti somehow a guy from Austria made a connection to me (in NZ) during Joti (IRC-mailing list) - which he then passed on to a German young lady via a german pfadi chat room - who contacted me via email, while she was working in Nelson, spanning via the entire globe. Confused??? Anyhow to cut a long story short - we met and I was able to play the Akaroa Tour guide - eg - I took her and Micky out for the day.
It was a rather hot day - im sure temps were above 30 C - still we had fun walking around the original French Village and eventually boarded - urm - yeah ok walked on the Canterbury Cat - a boat that takes you out and around the Harbour - which is about 17 km long and never deeper then 15 meters - and has a somewhat silty water - perfect for the local wild life - one of which is the Hectors Dolphin - a NZ Dolphin and sadly a protected species, as there are not many left of them!! If you willing to pay mega bucks one can even have a guided swim with the dolphins, and yeah cause of the water condition you wont have to worry about sharks. anyhow - pics below - enjoy

IN AkaroaFlowers border the wall

The New Zeeland Christmas tree  - the PohutakawaAkaroa Light house - the original

The Marae in Akaroa with one of the very earliest Angllican ChurchesHectors Dolphin - Akaroa

Hectors Dolphin in Akaroa A little Penguin

swimming with the Hectors Dolphin

bear print

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