Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Claus caught redhanded

Monday, December 21, 2009
Christmas Santa Claus Bear

Santa ClausSo what does a retired Scoutleader do??? He helps his lovely and long suffering wife with some of her projects. Staking out the house and rigging up a security camera and making sure that our vicious lovable Beagle is fully trained - all this just to make sure we catch Santa in the act!! As we no longer use our chimney Santa had to use some more creative ways in delivering our presents - and finally we caught the red suited Claus red handed. We think he must have already been inside and was just leaving - as he no longer carries a sack full of presents. Shame -- he did get away. Some reindeer hoof prints where later found on the roof and a teeny weeny amount of Elf glitter was seen floating in the air . . . .

PS - Hmmm I should add that for the rope-ladder I used a Marlinspike-knot and - ahem - well a couple of other knots to hold the contraption up!! Old Scout skills can come in handy at times.

bear print

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