Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sandy Claws 2

Tuesday, December 29, 2009
Christmas Santa Claus Bear

Boy meets girl on beach
So here we are strolling along the beach and who does one meet - a female!! Good looking one too- and naturally one has to stop for a chat. Wonder what his pick up line was??? Although I suspect Max has a rather un-complicated life - wish it was that easy in human life . . . . .

Naked Girl in gardenSo the wicked Mamabear gave this as a pressie for the two more 'ahem' maturer blokes in the house to share!!

The story is that we saw this ages ago in a garden center and it was right in front of the main entrance door - right opposite the Sales-till and the sales lady saw I was tempted to urm - run a hand past - well u know :') -- and she said - hehehe 'virtually all the men going past are doing it - so feel free'. She must have told the truth 'cause a special part of her rump was rather shiny and polished!!
Now we have to find a place for Sophyia in our Garden . . . .
Wonder if Grandad likes it, if Sophyia contemplates life outside his Ranch-slider door . . . . .

Men Drinking Yep the SSS (also known as - oops can't tell you) came together and shared in a lovely meal and later admired the lights!!
Food was great and the company even better!!

mr schick deliversIt took some time and finally (yaaayyyyy) the promised bottle of red - ahem - urm grape juice - was delivered and ceremoniously opened and respectfully disposed of - hicks!!
I have the pic to prove it . . . . . .

bear print

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