Saturday, November 14, 2009

Scouts camping in rain

Saturday, November 14, 2009
So here is us having decided to take out our Patrol leaders and their assistants and take them to a weekend of camping, we packed up on Thursday evening Scouts walk up the hillScouts on a river crossingand headed out to Ashley George and pitched camp. We had a lovely weather - and were half way up the mountain on a lovely 3 hour hike when we noticed the sudden drop in air temp - and seeing a front WAS supposed to move through LATER in the afternoon decided to turn around and head back to base camp. Just as well - the front moved at around 120km/hr and lasted about 20 min - after that we had steady rain and drizzle for the rest of the day. We noticed our luck and the sheltered terrain we had been in - as we drove back to camp there was a good number of branches laying on the road!! This made for a cold and uncomfortable camping for the scouts. And I didn't even take Brodie with me!!!

instant noodels without microwave?Outdoor kitchen for the scouts

Here are the youth back at camp working out their cooking techniques - concentrated reading of the instructions was advisable - no microwave in sight!! - Urm - u stir the pot counter clock wise three times then swap hand . . . oh and it would help if we have had a tin opener and less of a juggling act . . . .

Naturally after the meal we sat round - kept warm and told stories - did program planning etc etc.

The next morning dawned - fresh and cold - but not a cloud in sight - so after breakfast and shower we showed the scouts how to use a block and tackle and set up a flying fox! - Having done that we then looked for a longer run - eg a bigger distance between trees. - Found it and got them to re-build the flying fox.
Flying fox Scouts and ropes and bush

How many does it take to get the rope around the tree and through the bush ? ? ?

flying fox Flying fox
Scout leader testing the line

Naturally we had to get the Scout leader on it too - so don't get any ideas about "sleeping on the job" or "new innovative method on checking the line"!! Or any other smart comments. All in all a successful camp - even if the scouts had to camp in the rain.

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