Monday, November 23, 2009

Scouts and Bridgebuilding at Omaka

Monday, November 23, 2009
hmmmm ok so the two scout troops combined one night and took out some timber and ropes and a lot of enthusiasm and urm - well some kind of skill "and build a bridge they did". This was held at a nearby Scout Camp site called Omaka and as you can see there is a creek running -
so take some scouts and water and try and keep them dry - a impossible task!!

Still there was eventually some impressive pioneering skills on display - so we must have taught them well??

Urm - ok - how did we do this??
Did we take this toothpick and urm - whip it - no lash it to the thing-a-ma-jig - over there??? Come to think of it . . . .
Did we bring the hupa-whats-it gadget??

One patrols effort taking shape - they ended anchoring both ends and laying spars across - and had a easy walk!!

Urm - Houston we have a problem - I'm sure I didn't eat that much yesterday for Breakfast!!!!!

( shhhh - dinner on the other hand . . . .)

Ok so we used three blocks and tackles and some more rope and some pulleys and tightened the ropes and hey presto
I can even wave - before I fall in!!
Puts some new meaning to the words - "pride comes before the fall"

Hang in there buddy - it will be worth it.

On the other hand it's only water - cold at that . . . .

A different approach and this one requires a team work and also some skill. A very effective way of keeping dry if you know what you are doing and have a small creek to cross.

Urm - how do I step off here???

Monkey see - Monkey do!!!!!

Some niffty footwork and climbing skills on display here!! At least he had dry feet - Gumboots and all withstanding

Now there is a story behind this and it goes as follows.

See Mr Schick here had one to many close shaves and decided to SAVE his shaving for a full month of "Movember".
The idea being to raise funds (not hairs) by shaving of whatever growth they can muster for a good cause - urm - some male cancer thing!! I hope he's got good sponsors on that small growth . .

Oh and they tell me its enhancing the visual looks - and urm - well Ladies -
^^ I havn't got his permission to give you his vital details . . . . .

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