Monday, November 23, 2009

Another Kea Camp - cheeky little NZ Parrot's -

Monday, November 23, 2009
So here I am s'posed to be in "retirement" but in Nov 09 - I have been rather busy.
First there was the Patrol Leader only camp - then the build a rope bridge across the creek Scout activity and then a Kea Camp. Next weekend I'm off on another weekend camp - this time from / with our Scout Zone. Mamabear will have a long list of jobs waiting for me during Christmas - I'm sure!!
Anyhow with out further adoooo here are some of the best pic's from kea camp

Flag breakGetting the Flag pole ready. Then had to test it to make sure it held up ok. I have to say the lashing and knotting was first Class!! Go the "Former Guide" that did some good work here! :)

Keas working hardIncoming activity - getting the place mats decorated, which we then laminated for their use at dinnertime. Keeps them quiet and occupied while leaders set up the next activity. I have to say there is / was some fantastic artwork happening. I can see a budding Michaelangelo

Koa Kea and VinnieVinnie had his first camp and he felt a bit overwhelmed, and homesick. This Kea took the Scout Kea motto to heart ( I care, I share, I discover, I grow) and gave a welcome hug and looked after Vinnie for a few hours! Well done!!

Flag break at CampThe official Flag break happening - and yep - it was correct and yep - stayed up it did, well done you have. I'd like to point out too that we anchored the post with 3 yes three only Tent pegs!!

our Bishodale-Harewood scout group bannerJust in case - we had to advertise ourselves. The campsite last week was very full (long weekend here) but this weekend it was nearly empty - bar our Keas - some guides and a couple of caravans. That meant we could make a lot of noise - hehehe and give the guides some cheeky Kea - urm - stuff!! - see below later.

forest walkHi ho hi ho - off to the mines - oooops forest walk - we go - exploring time yay!!

Tug ropeThe sun shone - mostly - and the theme was based on water safety - so naturally we decided to have a tug of war - in the river. We then challenged 7 guides against our Keas. Not surprisingly the bigger and meaner girls won easily. But not for want of trying - and we certainly made the bigger grunting noises!!!! (hehehe payback time for that came later the next day)

Floating in the riverYou want to float down THERE. Ok we got it, will do, river allowing!!
(Actually the tins demonstrated how fast the flow can be)

Dam buildingKids and water - goes well together. Here we are "improving" the Dam the guides had started and lost interest in. We also added a water wheel to demonstrate who power can be made!! This could have kept them going till tea time - sadly there was more to do / see/ go to . . . .

Kiwi Ice creamFeeding time of the cheeky Keas - and what better way to finish of a polished tucker with a decent dollop of good old Kiwi ice cream!! Yummmm

indoor campfireIndoor Campfire. Sadly we have fire restriction on and so have to be creative when it comes to indoor fires. We use a old gnarled branch and some tea-light candles. If you got a bright idea on what else we can do - let us know via the comments!! A lantern springs to mind . . . .

Pancakes cooked on a bbqThe concentration!!!! Turns out the only way to get a perfect round circle pancake is in the wrist action!! For some Keas this was the first time they helped with food cooking. Havnt they done well!!!! Hmmmm that reminds me - I need to go for a long walk - these pancakes where most delicious!!

Peace offeringsLOL - having been beaten in the tug-of-war we sent the Keas for a walk very bright and early (you believe it - they were awake at 5.30 am - crack of dawn stuff!!) and took them past the guides who needed a sleep in - and of course we had to do the Kea chant. Which went down real well with the girls - so much so that brought them a peace offering later - which was duly accepted. Ahhh nothing like a good humored friendly inter - rivalry between the two youth movements. Bring it on

Chariots on fireHand drawn chariots - some water - and a challenge to get as much water as possible across the field to get to a winner. wohoooo

sponge fightSponge ball water fight - everyone (who participated) got wet - no further comment required (although I am not sure why a leader had to wear a life jacket - was he afraid of the Keas??)

Flag downAt the end of Camp - presentation of the "I survived my first Kea camp badge" - nice badge too.

The birthday boy got to lower the flag!! And with that the camp finished. Some tiered and happy campers went home - hmmm wonder how many fell asleep on the home journey???

Ok these are a very small cross section of what we did on camp - I am going to burn all 100 plus photos on a cd and give it to the Kea leader - if any of you Keas want a copy - Hassle the cheeky grown bird!! Mind you - a small number of pictures aren't that great a quality - I'm still mucking about with the new SLR Camera - learning the different settings etc etc - anyways - enjoy

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Maria said...

Thank You Papa Bear from a Mum who wasn't at camp.
What fun my Kea (and his Dad)had!

oldbear's trip said...

Hi Maria
Glad to hear they had a great time - it was a good camp!! Long may they continue!!

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