Sunday, October 11, 2009

Teddybear on a food rampage

Sunday, October 11, 2009

oldbear typingSo it is a nice sunny blue dome day - not a cloud in the sky and it is Sunday - the day of rest and recreation. What is a married bear to do - he goes and visits the hardware store to buy some stuff *grunts* and buying we did. Some brush wood for the fence and a large pot for the miniature rose and other bits and pieces.
As there there is a brand spanking new McDonalds near Mamabears work - we decided to go for a snack - which I am ashamed to say ended up more like a food rampage. In New Zealand they have a temporary Angus Bull Beef burger - which tastes so so - BUT in the attached Mc-caffee there was also a Hazelnut caramel slice and a triple chocolate cheesecake slice. *Sigggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhss* ok folks - no smart comments about a bear heading into the winter and the need of building up the fat reserves - besides we are heading into spring - and summer. So I have tried to work it of by working in the garden.

Micky on the other hand is glued to his TV - Bathurst - Ford vs Holden.

It is T H E motor race in Australia!! 1000km round a street circuit - they should get dizzy going round and round and round . . . .

bear print

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Anonymous said...

you should drive around bathurst when you come to aus :) only thing is your limited to like 40km/h

as for maccas we have that burger here 2... one with salad one with bacon...

love your carbon trading thing 2 didn't hear that one sounds good though lol

crazy aussie gal

oldbear's trip said...

urm - is the 40 km.h some sort of driver education awareness thing??
I can cycle faster then that :)

*grins* so you nicked our Macca as well ? ? ?

have fun

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