Friday, October 30, 2009

No Gluehwein and missing it already

Friday, October 30, 2009

oldbear typingSigh

Yesterday I was working on the computer and to brighten a dull moment I streamed radio from Bayern 3 live - one of my more favorite radio stations while I lived in Europe. (Do not let my sister hear that)
The radio jockey from the morning show announced that he had his FIRST gluehwein for the season and then proceeded to tell on how and where and commented on the yummmmm-iness.
And here is me sitting - admittedly in a cold southerly - rather then the supposed to be warm spring -- and drooling and MISSING it. I still can remember every occasion we went and had gluehwein last year during our trip!!!! There was a definite zing on the old heart strings.

We do have access to a g.-wein concentrate - just chuck boiling water at it and you get the almost real thing. ALMOST!!! It is not the same thing is it. Then I remembered how much weight I put on while over there - and that tempered my enthusiasm for wishing I could drink another one.

hmmm - come to think of it - we still have a bottle left, - ok brb - have to boil some water.

Ok my German and Austrian friends - what is the best way to drink Gluehwein??
Mit Kastanian??? Vor'm Kamin feuer?? Mit Speck??? Oder alle zusammen???

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