Friday, October 9, 2009

Myth of global warming - a new spin on Carbon emission trading

Friday, October 9, 2009
oldbear typingok - so I am a skeptic - but I did have to have a wee laugh yesterday. Seems our major news paper put out a teeny wee article - buried on page 5 or so -- saying how the recent Australian dust storm (that made Sydney appear in red ) has helped "avoid" global warming and of course this puts a new spin on carbon emission trading schemes. The theory is as follows:
The mineral rich dust has fallen into the Tasman Sea on its journey from Australia to New Zealand -some XX tonnes of it (and I am not sure how they can measure these things ^^) and that in turn has encouraged plankton growth - which appearantly love mineral rich dust and they in turn absorb Carbon. Less Carbon = less global warming. Wohooo trust the Aussies to come up with a effective carbon trading scheme. Now I was thinking - there are billions of tons of sand lying round in the Sahara and other parts - so why don't we use a digger and a plane and the Atlantic . . . . . . .

Will you help me to fly the plane or using a digger to load up ????

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