Monday, October 26, 2009

Labour Day in New Zeland

Monday, October 26, 2009
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I was reflecting on last years Labour day! Mamabear was busy painting part of our frontage ( Labour-day 2008 ) and yes we have eagerly anticipated out trip to old snowy Austria and a white Christmas. This year Michael decided that the old concrete needed a good wash in order to "blend"in with the newly laid part from the front. It has to be said - Grandad does enjoy walking on the smooth surface and is less prone to falling over. So we took out the water blaster and set him up! What is it about Labour day - a day of workers rest - that we go and LABOUR - either in or out of our Properties????? Seems surreal at times. Anyhow Michael has done a decent job! (I think it was that GUN holding shotting action thing that motivated him - either that or the distraction of not having to clean his bedroom!!!!) I was contemplating if he will build his house with tiles floor to ceiling and once a year . . . . . . :)

Anyhow - it is spring - the birds are singing. the strawberries are fruiting and we are 2 months away from Christmas - eeeeeek.

Yeah its still a bit funny to have spring and Christmas together in one season.

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