Monday, October 19, 2009

Annual Joti event for our scouts

Monday, October 19, 2009
oldbear typingSigh - I must be getting old! We held the annual Joti event for our Scouts at the local school hall - joti meaning Jamboree on the Internet - where over and upwards of 5000 folks log on scoutlink and chat. Naturally this is a camp where sleep is precious and while I slept more then most - I am STILL knackered today.
Check some of the posts out here.

lol so tired I was, forgot to write more I did. Anyhow - while James has been rescued from thieving slave traders (as per above blog posting) I have been busy returning gear and running the next scout night.
Below are a number of pictures from camp

Pristine spaceunloading the gearsetting up Joti 2009getting th etables ready for joti 2009
all up and running for Joti 2009serious computer setup
leaders computercarrottJoti 2009 riveting conversationscampers enjoying chatting
trivial pursuitJames got stuck chatting
mr schick is happy

bear print

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