Saturday, October 3, 2009

Alternative OS to Windows - how many is too many?

Saturday, October 3, 2009
oldbear typingWohooo
We gave our boy his Graduation present.
Hmm - that brings me to a point. Once upon a time people had one fridge and you were regarded as extravagant if you had a beer fridge in the garage. Some looked at you like you were some deviant or something. Well - we have moved on from that - yet I still regard our family as urm - askew in some regards. We now have a 4 person house with 3 desktops and 3 lappy's. How many computers do you have to have before it is enough?? How many alternative OS to Windows would you actually need???
Urm - don't answer that. If I had my way . . . . . papabear would have no windows pc's in his house - if mamabear would only agree to that

Sooo - our Operating systems are:
Windows XP (Home ed.)
Windows XP (Prof.)
Windows Vista
Ubuntu 7.10 (Feisty)
Ubuntu 8.10 (Hardy)
Apple Macbook pro - Leopard /
Wonder how we going to set up a home network with all of them :P
Hmm where did I put that Ubuntu server disk???

anyhow - better go to the fridge in our garage and have a cold one! :)
Only question remains - what is your preferred OS system??

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Jade said...


Anonymous said...

i points out that windows are for houses!!!!

Harls said...

It all depends on what I feel like !

oldbear's trip said...

hmmmm right now I cant make my linux box see the windows files - but I can go the other way - which is odd.
I ALMOST want an apple :P

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