Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why I was wearing my MAN-shirt again

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
wild online bearOh yeah I had a day of work - so naturally one goes to nature - urm - I wish, although I had a fun day so far.
Woke to fog this morning which quickly went and got mamabear out of bed and fed and then we tackled the fence. Parts of it neededmamabear as pretending to be michaelangelo repair and having done that we needed to paint it as it looked really grotty. Naturally we divided the job equally, which kinda worked as I painted fluidly and ergonomically (never mind some spilled paint spots on the new concrete drive) while mamabear decided it needed some more "deliberate" and artistic expression. A tad hard when all you got is "Redwood" colour.

So anyhow - the 50 odd palings quickly got done and the brushes washed out (hmmm second coat 2morrow - this time the whole length of it - all 30 meters) and we decided to head to the local outdoor mall as I needed some pailing nails to fix some loose boards and maybe a spot of lunch, and I could plonk my signature on the computing course I have already finished. So I took my MAN-shirt of - and yes Giggles - it has not been worn since you washed it on the coast and YES - it stayed clean - not a drop of paint on it. Urm - as for the testosterone smell - NO comment . . . . .
Paint well I did - the fence (and the protective sheet on the floor!!)
Anyhow made ourselves semi decent and trundled of the shops - by now lunch time and it was getting rather warm. Got the nails from the local hardware store (inseteddybear and fruitbasketrt sound bite --- > arrrrghyeah) and tried to sign the register - closed till 1 pm - have to come back later. So we went to the local grocer and after a quick look around tossed out the "Healthy" lunch of salad and fruit and got a nice loaf of bread (wholesome with heaps of seeds - almost healthy) and a freshly roast chicken and a large bottle of Stella Artois ( a tall cool blonde - easy on the palate and only 5% and best of all - low calorie!!) walked 2 min to local park and set down -in the sun - amongst bushes and trees and LUNCHED!! YUMMY!! Burb! Dang there goes the diet (shhhh - the icecream for dessert - you did not see - roast chicken picnic in the parkhonest - its a figment of my stomach!!) Sigh and all this with 21 degrees in the shade!

Now I have to write a report and think about scouts tonight and also write a letter to the principal and . ..
What I r e a l l y would like to do - will have to wait till tomorrow

Be good / Have fun

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