Friday, September 25, 2009

The New Vicar of Dibley????

Friday, September 25, 2009
oldbear typingWell maybe not of Dibley but certainly the Anglican Parish of Burnside-Harewood got a new Vicar, and we had his induction service last night. I had to do a speech and present a tea pot. Nerve wrecking I can tell you. Anyhow - spose you had to be there to fully appreciate the speech - below in full text . . . . . .

On a clear midnight - it came to pass . . .
that a young clergy decided that a stint in the antipodes might be a good idea and applied for a job down under. Long story short - Matt has been offered and accepted a job with our Parish.

Having been told by our very own Bishop (at the annual Secretaries Luncheon held in the Bishops Board room) that the "real power" of a parish rests with the churches secretaries, I decided it would be a good idea to engage the inbound help - ooops - Rev. Matt Watts via email and have some sort of dialog about various matters - basically to keep him informed of what secret ongoings in our parish are happening -- while he was still lodging in old blighty.

Many a humorous email exchanges later it became clear that Matt is a a-typical English man, who likes his hot cuppa. Seeing that I have not had a "full diploma course in Tea making" -- we ended up agreeing to play it to our strenghts. I will look after our computers and Matt will look after the Tea making . . . .

This of course left us with a teeny weeny problem in that we have teapots for large functions, but NOT for individual drinkers. Upon hearing this plight - the Wednesday am congreagtion has very graciously offered to buy a special teapot, so that the inbound young clergy can have his cuppa a n d drink it.

'Course I can see it now -
one clergy drinking his cuppa on a Saturday afternoon,
several sermon notes in the waste bucket,
not having had much luck with google either,

(me looks furtive from side to side)

Hmmmm maybe the tea leaves might provide inspiration????

Matt - I present to you this tea pot.
May it provide many a houmours office morning tea breaks.
Inspiration to jaw dropping / spine tingeling sermons (worthy of a 9 or 9.5 score from Peter)
and of course - most importantly,
while you are so far away from home / family and friends which you had to leave behind in old blighty,
May it remind you that while you are living and working with us here down under

as long as you have a hot cuppa


God Bless

bear print

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