Thursday, September 17, 2009

The hills are alive with the Sound of Music - or is that a location in some NZ hills?

Thursday, September 17, 2009
Sound of Music DVD coveroldbear writing his blogYes the hills are alive with Sound of Music - even in good ol' New Zealand - but I am getting ahead of myself. Let me set the scene:

Take one teenager turning 18, add long hair, laziness, and a taste for music that can only be described as LOUD. In other words like any typical teenager from millions round the world and we LOVE him very much. (thought I make this clear now!!) So we are discussing what we should get him for his birthday and him being a teenager - we just got a grunt in reply to our probing question as to what he would like. So his loving papabear jokingly suggests that perhaps a cd of the Sound Of Music (being totally counter productive) would be a good idea and he might actually enjoy a bit of Salzburg history. After all his papabear grew up in the very town where the Von Trapps used to live! Well - lets just say we got the most dirty look from said teenager you can imagine. So we left that hanging in the air and decided we would get him a voucher so that he can choose his own heavy metal rock slash music - taste to suit.

 one happy teenagerHOWEVER while his parents do love him he very unwittingly presented us with an opportunity to take out the Micky (yeah I know bad pun here). We downloaded of the net a full color DVD cover from the Film "Sound of Music"and printed that of and then put that into an empty DVD case and put the gift voucher inside that and gift wrapped it up.

roflol - his look upon opening the pressy was just priceless . Got ya Son - love heaps
Dad and Mum

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