Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fathersday - arrr arr auhh

Sunday, September 6, 2009
oh Yeah

So here is me contemplating a decent walk to - well- walk of the pounds from the lovely meal from last night when Mamabear says do you want quality time with the boys -or shall we go and pick up the few fence palings and some paint.
Well boys are typical teenagers and still listening to their own snoring in bed so - there was no real choice now was there . . . .

*grunt - grunt* orrrryeah

Imagine - fathers day and I am taken into a hardware store - AND am allowed to spend some. orrrrryeah !! Visited we did, the hardware store, bought we have - timber to repair the fence and some paint and brushes. From there we drove out to Sheffield and had some world famous pies for lunch - urr urrg - wroof wroof -- men's meal!!

Well we did come home eventually and the first thing we did was to take Max for a walk - several km to local park and once round the block. Fixed the fence - ready for painting, now just chilling out till tea time.
Good day all round orrrryerrah

Two days later - mamabear can be seen using the brush . . . .

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