Saturday, September 12, 2009

eday in New Zeland

Saturday, September 12, 2009
Yep I was so excited to go up on the tower I forgot the mention that today was eday in New Zealand!
What is eday - check this out ----
Basically it is an opportunity for ordinary folks to dispose of their old pc's - screen's, printers, scanners etc etc. Our Scout Group had a large number of Pentium 2 and 3's and combined with some gear from our own house and my and Mamabear's work - we had a large number of gear to dispose of. The folks who run this were very efficient. You did not even have to get out of the car!! Makes for good disposing of the old gear - and I have to say - it is all being recycled, broken up and shipped of to - urm - China I think and they melt out the metals and shred the plastic etc etc. So that is good as it does not fill up the rubbish tips.
Gotta say - one of my scout leaders was staggered that a 22 inch Apple IMac was taken to eday.
Must have been only 5 month old - or so . . . .

Check out the latest news release today

Kiwis recycle 966 tonnes of e-waste at eDay

Despite rain across much of the country, over 966 tonnes of old computer equipment and mobile phones were diverted from landfills across the country today in the third national eDay.

The free drive-through recycling event saw 15,700 carloads of electronic waste (e-waste) dropped off at 38 centres from Kaitaia to Invercargill today with at least another ten areas organising local community e-waste collections in the weeks leading up to eDay. This is an increase on the 946 tonnes collected at last year’s event.

The annual event, organised by Computer Access New Zealand (CANZ), has seen strong growth since it began in 2007 with 12 centres and this year saw more than 82,700 computer items including monitors, CPUs and printers collected for recycling.

“There is a clear need for e-waste disposal services as again we see strong support for eDay this year. The total amount of e-waste collected today is enough to fill 55 shipping containers,” said Laurence Zwimpfer, National eDay Coordinator.

Mr Zwimpfer said e-waste contains many valuable and scarce materials that can be recovered and reused for new products instead of being dumped in landfills.

All good :)

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