Saturday, September 12, 2009

Air Traffic control tower open day

Saturday, September 12, 2009
hmmm oh yeah - Christchurch International Airport is expanding its facilities and while they were at it - they also build this brand spanking new air traffic control tower. It has been officially opened by our right honorable Prime Minister - John Key - urm - 2 days ago (10 Sep 2009). I know 'cause I saw the plaque on the wall. Anyhow - TODAY - a few members of the public (who had to register online and pay $20 -which goes towards a charity) had the opportunity to climb up the air traffic control tower and have a brief look. It is a fantastic "office" to work in - 360 degree panorama views - and they can see both runways all the way. Staff were on hand to display and explain what the various computer screens are meant to be doing. One guy engaged micky and had a good long convo with the longhaired teenager. Seems he still would like to pursue this as a main career!! Anyhow after 30 min it was time to come back down again and while one of the teenagers lived up to the lazy reputation and used the lift- the rest of us walked down all of the stairs!!

Hmmm took a video - will see if this will load later.

urm - nope - that's 179 mb of data mehhh

1.5 hours of upload time later :P

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