Friday, August 21, 2009

More concrete evidence

Friday, August 21, 2009

ok here is the strip we are looking to concrete over. About time to we finish the bit. Grandad already had a fall and it's just not save anymore for the old fella. Whence my quotes I sought - see yesterdays blog entry.
I would have to say though Mamabear is looking forward to having this bit completed - which is really some more concrete evidence that we are progressing nicely with the house and renovations.

So excited is she in expecting the finished product she could not help herself and test a new car! As you can see it just fits. And here is me thinking it would have been a Harley Davidson.

:-o) Speaking of which - I gave her a voucher from the local Harley Davidson store - they apparently do "chauffeur" drives. So sometime over the next week or so she will get kitted out in leathers and helmet and will be driven up to Sugarloaf - along the Summit road and back down at Sumner and back to the shop - should take about an hour!! Wonder what she will make of that trip?????

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