Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kirsch schnapps

Saturday, August 1, 2009
right - so here is me minding my own business and I get a invite for a fund raising event for one of our teenager friends we happen to know - seems she organized a "taste" evening with an out fit called Prenzels
who amongst many things also sell a Kirsch schnapps - which I have to say is first rate. In fact its almost to good to use in baking / cooking. Still it enhanced the flavor of the Schwarzwald Kirsch Torte made a while ago, which I have to say the rest of the family had NO trouble polishing of rather quickly.

Well the other - urm - liquids where equally divine - and of course in the spirit of things we just had to help the young girl for her trip to - urm - Cambodia!!

I am looking forward to be cooking with one of the rice oils - infused with herbs and garlic - Tuscan Style!

Although the evening was brilliant, I did bring with me 2 mugs in anticipation of a hot gluehwein. Alas no such luck! Non was served - maybe just as well. Still we ordered some bottles so should be set for a wee while yet!
After this we had a leisurely walk back home - didn't take the car as we thought u know - wink nudge - we might get tested after wards . . . . .

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