Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cute chick has a Sat drive on a Harley Davidson

Saturday, August 29, 2009
ok - so I was a good lad and gave my mamabear a birthday present - a voucher for a 1 hour chauffeur drive. Yep -- Today was the day that the hot chick had her lazy Saturday drive on a Harley Davidson! I get her to write on the how and why and where . . . .

So here comes Mamabear . . . .

Mamabear dressing for the rideWell I must admit I was more than a bit nervous before the ride - never having ridden on a motor bike before. However Brett my chauffeur was very cool; and told me everything I needed to know and it wasn't long before I was kitted up and on our way. We had a lovely drive up through Cashmere past the Sign of the Takahe down to Governors Bay, along through Lyttleton, back over the Port Hills, through Sumner and back into town. It was a lovely sunny day with not much wind so there were lots of stunning views and not cold at all on the bike. The ride itself was interesting - we were on a 15th anniversay Fat Boy of which there is apparently only 5 in the country. The seat definitely wasn't made for touring but I didn't feel like I was going to fall off!! You cocute chick in leathersuld feel every bump in the road but the driver was smooth so after I got used to the idea of being on the bike and began to relax I enjoyed it a bit more. When Papabear gets his bike it will have to have a comfortable passenger seat!!! The guys at Rolling Thunder were really good too - lending me all the gear and being really friendly before and after the trip.

WHEN???? uhu - better save my pennies
urm - there is this bike you see - yummmmeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)
papabear drools

Mamabears dream Harley Davidson49000 odd km on the road and available for around 16 grand NZ.

A N D it has got Mamabears fav colours

sigh - where is the lotto ticket . . . . .

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oldbear's trip said...

mamabear is having kittens - less then one hour after posting the blog - someone from Brisbane already looked up the cute chick in leathers!! ^^

Anonymous said...

LOL much did it cost for a tour btw?

oldbear's trip said...

1 hour drive = $100 NZ

and the scenery u see is every cent worth not to mention the bike!!

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