Monday, August 24, 2009

Bluetooth thivery from lulu castagnette cellphone

Monday, August 24, 2009
It is just as well I got a sense of humor!! I really had to laugh over this one! A mate of mine got a new car and cellphone and part of HIS set up was a cheap "single mates rates" on weekend calls. He could only think of one number that would qualify - mine - and got the Tel-co folks to put that on his phone.

W E L L ^^ :o) we think they stuffed up big time and giving my mate MY SIMCARD number ------ because all calls to my cell phone and various txt's have ended up on said friends phone, and I no longer can do anything with mine. Cannot ring / txt to and from my lovely lulu castagnette clamshell.
Meanwhile I get a call on the old fashioned smoke signal line from a leader asking me why I am not answering his Txt's to me!! Just as well I used the old fashioned smoke signals to connect with someone.

And you know the funny part was - I had recently installed a bluetooth device in my lappy and thought I have upset some hidden setting on my cellphone!! Coincidence?? I kidd you not - here is me digging in my cellpone for clues for hours - when it was never my fault in the first place.

Lets just hope nobody sends any SECRETS to MY number - could be embarrassing for some parties - just imagine mamabear sweet rasping some txt and it goes to . . . . . NOT ME!! :p

Concrete people will arrive on Wed and start working / digging etc - good to get this done.

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