Saturday, July 25, 2009

Snow trip in NZ

Saturday, July 25, 2009
It was now - or never! Woke to a absolute stunning blue sky day - frosty to be sure! I wanted to do this snow trip in nz this last Monday when the snow levels in NZ were lower then today (had 3 days of warm winds blowing over the alps since last Monday) - alas at the time I ended up cleaning the house for ages. So it had to be today - before everything melted away. It was worth it!! After a quick breakfast and clean up - we were on the road! I guess the pictures speak for themselves . . .

NZ porters pass in winterNZ porters pass with snowLeft - the drive to and over Porters Pass

Right - the Pass itself

Lake lyndon almost iced up NZ Arthur's Pass mountains in winterLeft - Lake Lyndon (can be iced up for ice skating at times)

Right - Looking towards Arthur's Pass and West Coast

NZ Lake Pearson in winterNZ Lake Pearson in deep winterLeft - Lake Pearson

Right - More of Lake Pearson

Hoar frost at Lake Pearson NZmoody Lake Pearson NZ winterLeft - Hoar Frost near Lake Pearson

Right - hmmmm the mood changed

NZ Ski Field
Left - If you look carefully you can see the serpentine road up to the ski lift - this is how far we have to drive to go skiing! Chains are advised

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