Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nude sunbathing teddy bear

Tuesday, July 7, 2009
nude sunbathing teddy bear Ach ai - I had another sleepless night and in between some funny dreams - like - I was in Italy on holiday minus the kids and wife and it was hot and sunny so robed of and did the European nude sunbathing thing, but I stayed to long out in the sun and got real brown - yes Cadbury dark chocolate brown, and melted away into the sand and ...... I woke up. So real was the dream that I found myself sweating, or was that from the two layers of duvets and blankets on top of us??? hmmm it coulda also have been the hot mamabear next to me too - who knows?!
Brr it sure has been cold!
Today we had the first decent sunshine in weeks - hurrah - all 4 hours of it!! The roads ACTUALLY dried out for once! I know - I used to live in Austria and regularly walked round town in minus 15 degrees Celsius in nothing less then Jeans and clogs - but that was when I was in my urm - indestructible teenager years. Since then the blood has thinned!!! - either that or I am definitely getting older. I am guessing the older part :(
ANYHOW the days are getting longer - (yes down under here - we are heading towards summer) whohoo - and soon there will be cherry blossoms and ducklings and little lambs - and I can work seriously on my chocolate brown tan - just not via nude sunbathing!! Hey at least I had some cool shades on - even if they were not lulu castagnettes shades!

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