Sunday, June 21, 2009

Camping with a cheeky bird

Sunday, June 21, 2009
Ok so a Kea is a cheeky NZ Bird that feeds on livestock and urm -well rubber from cars. So I was helping out my two leaders on their Camp = ooops sleepover. We had a blast.

I am very tired - but here is a snap shot of some activities

Bedtime story for KeasThe term program was based on boxes and so we asked the Keas to bring a box to sleep in - here our Chief Kea is seen reading a bed time story to some of our Keas.

water powered rocketsThe theme for camp was - urm - ok - "reaching for the stars"
and so they made a semi solar system and of course water rockets. Here I was lucky enough to catch one just taking of.

the firing stationHouston we have three shuttles on the launch pad and ready for action - copy that!!!!???

Baker bake me a cakeHow many eggs does it take to bake some star biscuits?

rice rocketsFill one balloon with rice - knot and attach a tail and take Keas outside to see the "rockets" fly!!!
Sadly some got stuck in the trees and had to be - urm - rescued!

There are heaps more pics - but i'm to knackered to play with this - maybe next week

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