Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Westcoast trip

Wednesday, May 20, 2009
Hmmm 10 days to go before I take some dozen or so mad scouts with me on our annual Westcoast trip. The trip itself has so far always proved to be a lot of fun! This year the annual Westcoast trip will take us to the metropolitan area of Reefton - all of just over a grand of people living there. As usual all scouts will be soothed to sleep by MY choice of music and yes -- even more wickedly - will get a traditional wakeup call - curtesy of my Lappy. Hahaha - have already got some songs chosen - BUT - if you have any brilliant ideas in terms of what songs I should wake them with - please leave a suggestion below!!! ("Working for the man" - springs to mind) :) Wonder how they would take to some classical pieces???

We will be brave and do a 4 hour hike / walk through some NZ native bush - that once has been turned over in the search for a quick fortune - GOLD. We will also get to see a real life working mine and then there is the urm - well - lets keep some surprises - shall we!!!??!?!?!?! This scout here is all set for his hike - pity he forgot we are in the middle of winter - today we had snow flurries - so he might get a bit cold round his shins!!
Giggles - dont forget your washing powder
Freckles - bring your first aid kit and that special bucket of the order (u know what i mean)
Stuey - hope your ankle gets better soon - need your help with loading the wagons!!
MR. SCHICK - keep polishing those white pearls, we enjoy seeing them!
Sir G.H - nice to know we got a knight in shining armour with us.
Spoon - oops I mean fork - no wait - gah - shhhhhhhhh - its still classified


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Anonymous said...

Ray Charles - it's a rainy day in Georgia!!!!!

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